Weather Channel AMHQ – Atlanta Georgia

To stand out amongst all other live morning shows, the set designers for the Weather Channel’s “AMHQ with Sam Champion” sought out the audiovisual engineering and installation expertise of McCann Systems to produce a set as vibrant and as versatile as its hosts.
The unique and sophisticated set design, by award-winning New York City based firm Clickspring, utilizes architecturally integrated display technologies to create an immersive environment. With McCann Systems hired to transform these technology driven designs into reality, the various display techniques produce a highly refined and cutting-edge atmosphere.


AICP Next Awards 2014 – New York, New York

The annual AICP Show is a celebration of the innovations in commercial making and has grown in the last two decades from one single category among honorees into a week-long industry gala event. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers has continuously sought out a collaboration with McCann Systems on all creative and technical audiovisual aspects of AICP Week, featuring the 2014 debut of the Base Camp, the Next Awards, and the Show at the Museum of Modern Art.


EmblemHealth – New York, New York

EmblemHealth was looking for an audiovisual design build solution for their new for their new Neighborhood Care location in Chinatown. EHNC is an inviting place where the community is welcomed to meet face-to-face with health care solutions specialists to ask questions, get reliable information and have a problem solved. In order to create a streamlined experience for their clients and a flexible audiovisual system for themselves, EmblemHealth consulted with McCann Systems to design, build, and support a solution.


Coach SOHO – New York, New York

When Coach wanted to revive their retail space to be as eye-catching and fashion forward as their luxury accessories, the design build integrator of choice was McCann Systems. Coach, long regarded as a leading American design house, enlisted the services of McCann Systems to create and install an innovative concept to showcase the season’s collection at their SoHo store.