9/11 Tribute Museum – New York, NY

Audiovisual technologies support and emphasize storytelling at the 9/11 Tribute Museum, which has supported the 9/11 community of families, first responders, survivors and residents for more than 10 years.


Nickelodeon – Burbank, CA

An exclusive screening room at the newly expanded Nickelodeon campus features 4K cinema grade projection with custom digital audio processors.

150 Media Stream: Megan Pryce & Zige Zhang

150 Media Stream – Chicago, Illinois

150 Media Stream is an international platform and public arts program designed to showcase curated media by world-renowned and emerging artists. The design of the installation features individual columns ranging in height, from 6.5 to 20.5 feet tall, as well as width, from 3.25 to 15 inches wide. These custom blades were manufactured exclusively for this installation design and are not found anywhere else on the globe.